Saturday, July 5, 2008

that's not my name.
Listening to:
Good 'ol Arctic Monkeys.

I miss their sound. I should trek to Music1 and buy their album.

Ang tagal na nun ah.

Also the Ting Tings. That's Not My Name has been in my iPod for a LONG time already, and I only got to appreciate it because Angeli brought it up and when I listened to it I can't resist bouncing up and down.


What's your favorite song?

I need new stuff for my iPod. I'm bordering on desperate. No one seems to have the same taste as I do. HAHA.

No, seriously. I'm stuck in a music rut.

I wish I was a teenager in the 90's. It seemed like it was much more fun. On the verge of high-techness but somehow still left behind. The era of Clueless, and the banner years of Freddie Prinze Jr. The time when Smashing Pumpkins was considered mainstream. The time when corny teenager Pinoy movies suddenly sprouted out of everywhere.

I don't even wonder why I think I was born in the wrong era. It could have been anytime but now.


When you see someone everywhere, sprouting like kabute (that's mushroom for you) all the time, would that bother you?

It certainly bothers me.


Grabe, most of my recent posts have been so maudlin! This is a sign. I need change.

Be back when change has bitten me in my big fat arse.


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