Saturday, May 19, 2007

lame lame lame lame.
i feel like my blog is getting lamer by the minute. eversince i transferred from my old blog.
it's STUPID, because the only major thing i changed was my url. the layout shouldn't affect anything.

but then, i think i'm a psychologically challenged person, so that might mean that the outlook of my blog affects my blogging.

ok, that was a stupid theory.

i feel like i have to go by these stupid rules to make a good posts. ayan nanaman ako. my perfectionism is getting in the way of me, living my life.

but this is HOW i live my life!!!

i WORK great under pressure. i THRIVE under pressure. i EAT pressure for breakfast.

but this kind of pressure. i don't think it's working.

my mind is OVERWHELMED with my thoughts. grabe. i feel like my heart (ironically) is going to burst.


everything's overwhelming. affections, ideas, wants, needs, GOD! can't i live a thought-free life?

i really just should get a new layout for myself. but it would be unfair if i placed myself first when other people asked first.

i'm running out of inspiration! putakte.

kakabili ko nga ng bagong cd ng photoshop cs2 chaka illustrator cs. wala naman kwenta. i don't know how to use illustrator (i have to find time pa... it takes MONTHS! hahaha.)...and i'm still more comfortable using adobe elements compared to cs2.

it takes time nga raw.

i can't wait to make my own vector images!!! HEEHEEHEE evil laugh.

Hear ye, hear ye. i ask you to forgive thee.
i'm sorry, but my mind is burned out. nahihirapan ako.
nappressure ako kasi baka ayaw niyo
na ng layout niyo if i don't give it to you kagad.
tapos you might not like your layout pa.
mahirap manghula noh.
chaka i want it to be good.
so PLEASE give me time.

on a more serious note...

things i should.


i am so all over the place.

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