Wednesday, January 30, 2008

feeling quite talkative today...
Listening to:
Carousel - Buckcherry

I love this song. It's got this chill factor by it. Well, atleast until the chorus, when Josh Todd's voice becomes all hirap and everything. But besides that, I love it. :) Like hell, I'm starting to appreciate songs despite their bad lyrics (Buckcherry wasn't known for their poetic lyrics after all.)

By the way, saw Josh Todd @ Jay Leno the other night. Maan, he looked OLD and tired. Not looking so hot anymore, huh. I still like his voice though (especially on the start of Carousel), albeit he really did sound strained and like he was having a difficult time.

Today's LSS:
Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes
Sorry - Buckcherry
Drive - Incubus
Teddy Picker - Arctic Monkeys (are they ever going here???)


Our CVE teacher asking something whose answer is Godforsaken. I mean wheretheheck will I find the political state of Nazareth during Jesus' time?

I mean if Wikipedia doesn't have it, I doubt anything else does.

And I don't get this campaign against WikiPedia. I mean, it's not official alllriiight,and there's 99.9% chance that atleast 30% in your class is going to cite it as a source, but you have to give it to them, they do have EVERYTHING. (Even articles about my future familia, but that is besides the point.) And it's not like we have the time to spend on libraries or anything, and hell, it's not my fault the whole vibe of the library is just sleepy and tired and totally not inviting. Besides, it's nakakatamad. Also, some websites find it insanely difficult to navigate into them.

It would be nice to go back to the time when all people used libraries, though. Good chance to see your crush right there. Like in those kilig scenes in cheesy movies. You're looking for the same book and *poof*, your crush is right there, on the opposite side, holding the same thing.



OHHHHH Maroon 5, I've been dying to reach you, but my extension cord doesn't reach that far!!!

Am I willing to shell 5000 bucks for a ticket?

That's like 2 Zara jackets on the way, bebe.

No, actually, the question is, is my MUM willing to shell 5000 bucks for a ticket?

The answer is, NO. (I know, despite my speech on how much I've been a Maroon 5 fan since they first came out evaaaah. Okay, I haven't recited that speech to her yet, but I probably will. No actually, the point is moot. She's gonna say no anyways, and then SHE'S going to start on her speech about Keep.It.Simple.Sister KISS speech and how much money we're spending and how we can't make our future house perfect if we keep on spending.)

Hmmm. I think moms go to an annual nagger's convention. Does your mom nag??? I can totally imagine it, with talks like: how to annoy your kid, breathing techniques so you can talk endlessly, how to con your kids into doing errands for you. And then they'd give out freebies, like How I Nattered My Mouth Away : a true story; the official nagger's mike, nagging 101 and stuff like that.

I should stop, I'm getting corny.

Anyways. Thinking if I should go to NeYo's or Incubus' concert instead...

...And ditch Adam Levine? No no no, ay don't think so. But I have to ATLEAST go to one of those 3 concerts. NeYo or Incubus?

I mean NeYo's songs are chill, but they're like...kind of...ehr...not so nice lyrics-wise, but I like NeYo 'cause he's suave, and really good-looking for an African-American dude. Diba?

Incubus naman, I like them too, pero I don't know much of their songs. I mean their songs don't really make me click, if you know what I'm saying. I love love DRIVE, though. I was singing it kanina. Woo.

But Maroon 5, ohhh Maroon 5!!! Grabe. My super all-time favorite song from them is Sunday Morning . It's got a chill, jazzy factor and I love that. And Adam Levine is really sexy and groovy. He's a groovy bloke. Bloke. Teehee. :)


Oh no, P.E. day today. We have track and field. I don't know why I quite dislike PE day so much. I mean it's not like I'm a slow runner or anything, I run pretty fast. I just find it a hustle and a bustle. I have to bring so much stuff, and then I hate feeling sticky and sweaty. Hate it.

And then we get dismissed pretty late. And that...grrr.

Ahwell. I'd bet Thursday's not gonna be a nice day, as usual.




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