Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i'm a smitten kitten over two blitzens.
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I'm warning you, this might be a ditzy post.


I laughed so much kanina, I think I'm having a laughing withdrawal.


I've never had someone make me sigh that way. In fact, I've never sighed subconsciously over a guy in my whole entire life, I think. And then really, we all just stood there, watching the slow-mo action thing going on.

Oh. WOW.

You remember my case in point # 1? The dude with the girlfriend? The something of a certain someone? Well the dude became a babe. He had a few things changed with his look (I'm not saying what. It's probably WAAAY to obvious if I said what he did. Okay fine. He changed his hair. I'm not saying what he did. HAHAHAHAH.) and then he IMMEDIATELY looked like a whole new person.

And it also helps that he's graduated from his rugged-ish,rockstar style. Okay, so he's still quite that, but he's kind of moved up to the next level. Much more a rockstar. Oh yeah. :))

To give you an idea of what happened...


Characters: Angeli, Angelique, Vicky and Abby
Setting: in the middle of the whole students' lounge.
Abby's crush passed by, so she and Angeli squealed.
I and Angelique on the other hand, got surprised so we squealed too (imagine the noise that created)

And then what happens is that we actually get entangled with each other, resulting with me, holding Angeli's shoulder, my face over her shoulder, her face quite over mine and Angelique just there in the side.

I don't know where Abby went.

So anyways.

Given our entanglement, we were laughing and stuff. And then...

He came.

He was looking over his shoulder (so his face was facing the other way.), with a bag over his shoulder, smiling. And then he looked.

And the three of us?

Angelique: ooohh!!!
Angeli: *gasp*
Vicky: "haaaay."

No, seriously. I sighed and went like.."haaay". Sabay pa kami ni Angeli. I can't quite remember Angelique's sound, but it wasn't a sigh/gasp. It was some kind of high-pitched sound.

God knows how odd that looked. Us practically ogling that dude out.

And then we all zoomed back to reality. And we all couldn't believe how we reacted.

You know why?

1) Because before, they wouldn't even think that this dude is remotely cute.
2) We've never reacted that way before.
3) We didn't know we were reacting that way until we zoomed back to reality. It was a subconscious kind of thing.

Oh Lord.


Of course the story didn't end there. We had to spread the word (to Erika and Hazel...) and then Angeli and I just had to have second servings.

Uhm, excuse me. You took my breath away. Can you please give it back? (magandang pick up line yan.)

So we went where we thought he went (to the gym)...But alas, the babe wasn't there. We saw Marco playing basketball there though. In fact, I was ALMOST hit by the ball. Eh mabuti nalang suwabe ako (whut.). I basically just ducked when the ball came my way. Woot.

Okay. No babe there. So we went back. (Angelique and Hazel didn't come with us. They claimed the gym was too far to go for someone who took your breath away.)

Going back, we were caught by two excited girls practically bobbing up and down.

And you know who they saw.

So we talked to them...and then suddenly...

Angelique just flailed her arms and Hazel just stood still.

And we all know who they saw.

I turned my back and I was blown away for the second time.

And thank GOD HE was at the student's lounge UNTIL we left.

Imagine. Unadulterated viewing of a certified babe. A babe na hindi mayabang, hindi alam na babe siya, hindi malaki ulo at mukhang mabait. Charming and swabe.

What more can you ask for?


Of course, since we were at the student's lounge at the usual 16 tambayan. And of course the boys were there. and OF COURSE they were wondering who we were drooling over.

Oh shite. I think they KNOW who we're drooling over.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't tell. :))


Don't you think it'll be embarrassing if the babe actually reads this? It's not that my blog is insanely popular or anything, but we are connected after all. The someone of this babe is...well... Hahahaha. Let's just say this person (the someone) knows this blog. And this person PROBABLY knows who I'm talking about. Or maybe this person doesn't. This person probably thinks I still like the guy I used to like.


Hey, that babe should be thankful that other people admire him...besides his girlfriend. And we mean no harm. :)


I'm a smitten kitten over two blitzens.

More smitten to the babe than the other, of course. Oh no, three blitzens pala! But let's not talk about Marco for now. Hahaha. So the other blitzen who I've never talked about in here. The poor dude. Tsk. Never given the limelight. Hahaha.

I like you but I don't want to. :-P


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