Friday, February 22, 2008


a crappy attempt. but wasn't in the right mood to think of anything out-of-the-box anyways.


Saw Megalomaniac's video on MTV the other day. It's graphic perfection. Shet.

Saw Drive's video on MTV as well. Probably the nth time I've seen it, pero I still watch it. It's insanely nice.

Wooo Incubus. Oh no, I'm becoming a fan! HAHA. Should start uploading that Incubus CD that we have.


HOLY SHITE. Another good example of graphic perfection. Not exactly your biggest Lennon fan (I'm more McCartney, 'cause he's cuter during their early days. HAHAHAH. And Starr. Starr is da bomb! I loved the drums at the beginning of GET BACK!) but wow. Wow. One of the reasons why I want to become a graphic designer. Masterpieces like this. Shiiitee.


I just met the coolest girl in the whole universe today (next to Maja Ivarsson, of course.)


1)She owns an SLR.

A freaking SLR. SLRs that a) cost a lot of money b) demand much money for maintenance and additional stuff c) I COVET SO BADLY!

And it helps that she takes INSANELY GOOD PICTURES with it too. Grabe.

2) Similarities.

We have the same taste in music. Same interests. More or less same taste in clothes. Whuddahell.

3) The eye candy doesn't hurt either.
(Kahit sabi ni Camille hindi siya gwapo.)

4) She's not maarte.

If I were a guy, and she were my age, and she were available, I would like her.

A girl who's smart, pretty and with SUBSTANCE. SUBSTANCE that is very much lacking these days!

Cheers to girls with substance!

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