Tuesday, February 12, 2008

those days (and more)
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    Why can't i breathe whenever I think about you?


    I was very close to having one of those days awhile ago. You know, those days when you just feel like shite from the very moment you woke up from bed.

    I certainly felt like shite the moment I got up from bed. My head pounded like tiny little devils were trying to get out of it. Of course, this was not because of a hang over, but simply because I slept at 2 am, doing our Biology project (who knew that would take insane amounts of time?).

    Wow, I'll never ever sleep at that time again. Not when I have to wake up 3 hours later.

    And then I come to school, routinely (although I'm starting to abhor routines) and we also had our morning assembly at the field. Oh wait, WHAT FIELD? I thought fields were supposed to be green. Ours on the other hand is...well, brown.

    Since the students weren't used to the new arrangement, we were having a hard time adjusting and then suddenly our section got wedged between sections 26 and 28, and I was seriously having a hard time breathing...and I became dizzy. I hate crowds. I really do.

    As if that was enough to put me off, my PMS just jumpstarted today (oh heck, it's INSANELY late, it's not even post-m... anymore.) so I started getting annoyed at the petty things in life.

    But y'know what?? I got over it. I put it behind me and just said..."Nothing's going to ruin my day."

    And nothing did.

    Well something almost did, but that is besides the point.

    Aren't you proud of me? I'm not the super-sungit moodswinger anymore! :) Although I still am mataray, that's a given.


    Ohhh dear I am stuck between Eng/Archi and Business/Entrep. Oh dear. It sounds insanely odd, but I think I'm going to take up Industrial Management Engineering when I go to college. I mean it is a stable course, and it still has the management part. Besides, it's rare that my mom "suggests" when it comes to making my decisions on this area, so I really want to listen to her. She followed her dad when she was in my place and look where it got her. She's a successful woman now.

    And she's insanely hardworking.

    I...on the other hand...well, on selected moments (hey, I stayed up to 2 am for that Bio project. that's hardworking. or maybe it just took me a lot of time because I was procrastinatin.)

    But I'm scared to death about the Math in Eng/Archi. I think I could do it...it just scares the heck outta me. HAHA. IF they have CAD there though, that'll be insanely cool. :)

    It's ironic how I'll practically be an engineer when it's one thing I NEVER EVER wanted to be.

    Oh and besides, I have to think about my classmates next year. If I do Business, I'd probably get my classmates who chose Business and a few other people. If I do PhySci, well I'll be getting the insanely insane math geniuses and then some [hubby carl and his honey! :)) and then daddy. =P ] so that's gotta be a lot of fun.

    One friend who took up PhySci just adviced me to enjoy if ever that I do choose that track.

    Heck, I'm good at enjoying even the insanely boring stuff. :))


    While at the shower kanina, I was thinking about how photography makes me happy. Sure, it kinda wreaks when you don't get lots of pictures with people, but come to think of it...yeah. I'm usually the behind-the-scenes person eh.

    Oh I want an SLR so bad.

    But I want a MacBook first, still. I want the white one. It reminds me of my VTech days. Haha.


    Okay. That's it. Marco's with someone.

    Which leaves me with...Dodong.

    Dodong :)) I don't even like him anymore. It's like,napipilitan lang ako, hindi ko naman alam kung bakit.

    Oh wait. Meron pang isa!

    There's Argo. :)

    Ooooh, somethings of someones.


    Malapit na ang Valentine's Day! Makakaya ko naman kaya? For sure the day will be showered with sweetness all over. And according to my calculations (oh what the hell), Thursday is my bad luck day. Unless tomorrow becomes a bad luck day, so maybe my good luck will be moved to Thursday.


    Wala lang, it's just so sad thinking everyone's getting something and I'm not getting any.

    But I'm not bitter or anything, it's not in my nature to be bitter. Wala lang talaga, it just made me think.

    Ah shite, my past two valentine days have been sucky. Sana naman this year will be different, 'no?



    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, everyone!

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